Max Planck Innovation

We support you in assessing, discovering and evaluating the commercial potential of your research results

As the technology transfer organisation of the Max Planck Society, Max Planck Innovation has been connecting science and business since 1970. Our aim is to support the scientists at the different Max-Planck institutes in all aspects of technology transfer and a potential commercialisation process. Our services in this regard include e.g.

  • evaluate technologies regarding their commercialisation potential (e.g. startup, licensing, collaboration)
  • discuss strategies to secure intellectual property (e.g. know-how, patent applications, publication strategies)
  • assist in starting new companies (e.g. funding programs, investors, management)
  • discuss and assist in negotiations of potential industry interactions (e.g. consulting, collaboration)
  • help in seeking opportunities to validate or incubate projects
  • strategic planning, negotiation and execution of licensing deals Each year Max Planck Innovation evaluates about 130 new inventions. Since 1979 more than 4.300 projects have been managed and over 2.600 contracts with industry have been concluded. In addition, 146 spin-off companies have emerged from the Max Planck Society, of which the majority was accompanied by us. More than 5.200 jobs have been created by these companies. The total revenue from licenses and investments amounted to about 470 million euros for inventors, Max Planck Institutes and Max Planck Society. (all numbers until December 31, 2018).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with all kind of questions regarding our above mentioned services.

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Image: “Ripples in Spacetime” © S. Ossokine, A. Buonanno (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics), Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes project, D. Steinhauser (Airborne Hydro Mapping GmbH)