Latin American office

Are you a Latin American reseacher planning to return to your home country?

The Max Planck Liaison Office for Latin America works towards the creation and promotion of strong bonds between the scientific communities in Latin America and Max Planck Institutes. It is in pursuance of this objective that, among other type of activities, the representation in Buenos Aires provides support to Latin American researchers who have done a stay abroad and are willing to return to their home countries.

The Liaison Office has strong ties with the most important Scientific Institutions and Organizations as well as Universities in Latin America. Therefore, we can provide assistance if you are interested in continuing your research upon your return.

This continuity may materialize in the constitution of Partner Groups. We support researchers who have completed a postdoctoral stays in a Max Planck Institute and are strongly sponsored by their Directors to establish a Partner research group which may be hosted in Latin American Institutions with shared research priorities.

Opportunities to advance research may also come in the form of joint projects. As a result of agreements made with recognized Organizations and Institutions in Latin America, Researchers from Max Planck Institutes can apply to calls for projects published by Latin American partners.

The office also keeps a record of repatriated researchers to disseminate information about job opportunities in Max Planck Institutes, calls for joint projects and fellowships, seminars and workshops and scientific news as well as to facilitate communication among repatriates.

Contact information
Dr. Andreas Trepte, Director
Carolina Abadie, Assistant
+54 911 4899-5500 ext.-6500

Photo: adapted from Artem Beliaikin