The story behind the new logo of Max Planck PostdocNet

After about a year of the PostdocNet founding meeting, the Steering Group of PostdocNet has decided to introduce a new logo for its network that keeps the “Max Planck” and “PostdocNet” with bringing a new network symbol. In fact, the new logo itself was shaped by the PostdocNet community which gave great feedback throughout the process, mirroring the best spirit of a support network.

A simple but eye-catching logo reflects spirits of the network

“The PostdocNet is a growing support network for the postdoc community of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (MPG) . To represent this interconnectedness, I chose a simple network graph, where links emerge from a central node forming branches that extend outwards,” explains by the logo designer, Bruno Vellutini from the MPI of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

Bruno further describes the meanings behind the logo: “The links in the symbol always connect the inner nodes with the peripherical ones, which conveys the idea of an active and growing network. As the network grows, the branches organically interconnect providing stability and support for each other, which symbolizes the cooperative nature of the PostdocNet. In more practical terms, the new logo uses three colours to represent the three central elements: the postdocs (dark grey), the network concept (accent colour in vivid green) and the MPG (light grey).”

A new logo enhances the network identity

“The new logo is aiming to improve the identity of PostdocNet and strengthen the connection between the PostdocNet and the entire postdoc community,” spokesperson of the PostdocNet, Yu-Xuan Lu from the MPI for Biology of Ageing explains.

“Many thanks for all members of Steering Group and Working Groups, as well as postdocs in the community, the PostdocNet has been growing rapidly and has achieved more than I could imagine when we found the network. However, we are also encountering new challenges at the same time.” Yu-Xuan further says: “As the PostdocNet is going to have its ‘1st birthday’, to inform postdocs of initiatives that we are implementing on their behalf and get feedback from them has a high priority. In my view, a new logo that will enhance our identity is a key step towards to this goal.”