The Max Planck PostdocNet is an organization of Max Planck postdoctoral researchers who have united to represent the needs and opinions of the collective postdoctoral researcher pool of the Max Planck Society. The PostdocNet was founded in 2019 with the support of the Max Planck Society.


On 07.10.2020 the statutes of the Max Planck Society were modified and approved into use. These statutes aid in directing the PostdocNet and contain useful information for local elections as well.

Read the statutes here.

Steering Group

The Steering Group is responsible for the overall development of the PostdocNet according to the resolutions of the General Assembly. The Steering Group consists of the Spokesperson, the Deputy Spokesperson (also the Financial Officer), the three Section Representatives, and the General Secretary. In addition to the fixed responsibilities of each office, Steering Group members adopt responsibilities for other organs: each Working Group is assigned, by the Steering Group member(s) that oversee it.

The current members of the steering group were elected the PostdocNet General Meeting in October 2020 and hold the office until the next elections during the General Meeting 2021. You can contact the steering group via mail.

Working Groups

In order to better serve the postdoctoral community, multiple working groups are established at the yearly PostdocNet meeting to address specific concerns or functions of the PostdocNet along with the four permanent working groups defined in the PostdocNet statutes. Lying at the interface between the PostDoc representatives in each institute and the steering group (the core of the association), these groups will help in the implementation of effective solutions for the PostDocs in the MPS. These include organizing seminars and national meetings, sharing information about resources and career support from the MPS, providing assistance to the institute’s representatives, as well as any other initiatives which may arise. The working groups will, of course, evolve to continuously tackle the needs of the community.

Read more about the Working Groups here.