Funding advisors

Looking for a grant?

Getting your first fellowship or grant funded can be an exciting time in your academic career. For some postdocs, many questions remain regarding grant funding. How do you write a successful grant? For which grants or fellowships are you eligible? Sometimes it can be a daunting task to figure out these things! Within the MPG, there is a strong network of funding advisors who are available to consult about funding options and support successful applications. Within several Max Planck Institutes, a specific Third-party funding advisor system is in place to aid in navigating the search for funding options. These people can be a valuable tool for postdoctoral fellows and are available to help. Find your local funding advisor below and contact them to set up an appointment to discuss your funding future!

Map of the Grant Advisors in Germany

The figure above displays the corresponding advisors in some MPIs and their related services (see the color legends). For contact information, you can find more details below:

Grant Advisor

Contact and Affiliation(s)

Salvatore Angilletta

MPI for Biology of Ageing
MPI for Plant Breeding Research
MPI for the Study of Societies
MPI for Metabolism Research

Julia Epp & Team

MPI for Ornithology
MPI of Psychiatry
MPI for Astrophysics
MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics
MPI for Physics
MPI for Quantum optics

Ulrike Gerischer

MPI for Biophysical Chemistry

Chenbo Guo

MPI for Meteorology (+DKRZ)

Dr. Kerstin Mosch

MPI for Biophysical Chemistry
MPI for Experimental Medicine
MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization

Alexander Otte

MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology
MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids
MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems
MPI for Microstructure Physics
MPI for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems

Dr. Roberta Palumbo

MPI for Molecular Physiology

Anna Pallaske

MPI for the Science of Human History

Dr. Richard Segar

MPI for Intelligent Systems

Johannes Stecker

MPI for Solar System Research

Viola Tegethoff

MPI for Mathematics
MPI for Radio Astronomy
MPI for Research on Collective Goods

Zsolt Tóvári

MPI for Polymer Research

Patrice Wegener

MPI for Biological Cybernetics
MPI for Developmental Biology
Friedrich-Miescher Laboratory of the MPG
MPI of Immunbiology and Epigenetics
MPI for Foreign and International Criminal Law

Dr. Anne Katrin Werenskiold

MPI for Biochemistry
MPI for Neurobiology