Organizing an Election

To be formally included in the PostdocNet, each institute must elect an External Representative. The term for each institute’s External Representative is for a single year, and each year, an election must be held to re-elect or elect another representative. The Statues of the PostdocNet lay out clear guidelines for running an election at your institute, but the General Secretary and their corresponding Secretary Working Group are here to help!

We have created an Election Package that lays out, in very plain and easy to understand terms, how to organize and run an election. This election package contains tips and advice on how to effectively construct a list of postdocs at your institute, call for nominees, and run the election using LimeSurvey.

Under new policy, the elected External Representative will receive emails at 90 days and 30 days prior to their term expiring, reminding them that a new election must soon take place. 

To view the election package, please reach out to the General Secretary directly. You will receive the following documents:

  1. The Procedure to run the election
  2. The current PostdocNet statutes
  3. A template for LimeSurvey to use to set up your elections
  4. A CSV file to set up emails for all of your postdoc members in your institute (you need this for the LimeSurvey to give everyone an individual link)
  5. A report to fill out after the election, which needs to be sent back to the Secretary Working Group when you are finished
  6. An acceptance document template that the winner of your election should fill out with the dates they will be starting and ending their term (1 year total) as well as their signature

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Secretary Working Group or the current General Secretary.

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