Mental Health Working Group

The Max Planck Postdocnet Mental Health Working Group aims to help destigmatize mental health issues and strengthen the mental health community in PostdocNet through open, positive, and inclusive dialogue. We strive to improve PostdocNet members' ability to recognize signs of mental health problems in themselves and their peers, increase resilience, and initiate discussion about how to reduce stress in the workplace.

This year, our Working Group’s activities focus on co-organizing and implementing Mental Health Initiative (MHI) 2023, which aims to establish a long-term cooperation network for mental health between the Max Planck Society (MPG), universities, clinics, and other initiatives and institutions, both within and outside of the MPG. Professionals and non-professionals will come together benefiting everyone equally. Participation is open to the general public. A win-win strategy for all!

Please refer to the MHI website for details:

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to join our Working Group, just get in touch with us! We greatly welcome any contribution.

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