PostdocNet Survey

With our annual survey, we aim to collect comprehensive data on the demographics, working conditions, and general wellbeing of the postdocs in our network.

The PostdocNet survey helps us to better understand the situation and needs of MPG postdocs, including working conditions, career development, and general quality of life.

Collecting detailed information on these topics is important for two main reasons. First, it helps the Steering Group to understand which issues are most common and most critical, which in turn determines the issues that get prioritized in the agenda for the year. Second, having rigorously-collected, quantitative information on the challenges facing postdocs in the MPG allows us to more effectively address these challenges in collaboration with the Max Planck General Administration.

The Survey Working Group has finished analyses on last year’s survey - you can view the results here. Thank you to all who participated!

If you are interested in helping to draft, program, and/or analyze the next survey, you can contact the Survey Working Group to get involved.


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