External Postdoc Representatives

External Representatives are elected by the postdocs of their home institute, and serve as the main point of contact between the postdocs at their own institute and the PostdocNet Steering Group.

External representatives are key to the functioning of PostdocNet. As the Steering Group’s main source of information on the issues faced by postdocs at individual institutes, these representatives are important in shaping the PostdocNet’s goals and priorities. They are also instrumental in communicating important developments from the Steering Group and Working Groups to postdocs at their own institutes. Without external reps, PostdocNet could not function as an effective network.

We need your help to grow our network! Although PostdocNet is becoming more well-known throughout the MPG, many institutes still do not have an external postdoc representative. If your institutes is one of them, or if you current representative’s term is coming to an end, you can organize an election at your institute. More information on how to hold an election can be found here, or by reaching out to our General Secretary.

Not sure if your institute has an external rep? You can check here!

What does being an external rep involve? Your main tasks would include attending the yearly general meeting to vote on Steering Group members and statutes, forwarding information from the Steering Group to postdocs at your institute, and informing the Steering Group about any issues postdocs face at your institute. Other than that, you can put in as much or as little as you want to and have time for. Term lengths are one year, after which a new election must be held. However, it is possible for the same person to be elected for multiple terms.

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