The Communications Working Group

Communications Working Group

The Communications Working Group maintains the PostdocNet website, MAX page, and social media feeds (including Twitter and LinkedIn).

What we do:

  • Work with the Steering Group and other Working Groups to ensure timely distribution of important information

  • Plan, design, and create original content to keep postdocs informed and engaged online

  • Advertise upcoming PostdocNet events

  • Welcome new external representatives to the network

  • Create flyers and info sheets to help recruit new institutes to PostdocNet

  • Highlight relevant job postings and other opportunities when they arise

  • And much more!

Over the remainder of the current term, we hope to:

  • Set up our new website

  • Maintain and update our MAX page

  • Better define our core activities (i.e. what types of routine social media posts to produce, what media we can prepare for other WGs, etc.)

  • Organize and prepare for a seamless hand-off to next year’s team

Have you heard about an interesting event or opportunity you’d like to share with our network? Let us know about it at:

If any of the above sounds interesting to you, or if you’d just like to gain more experience with website development and social media, please reach out to us to get more involved! Our Slack channel and monthly Zoom meetings are open to all interested postdocs, whether you would like to contribute to the working group or not.

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