The Career Development Working Group

Career Development Working Group

The goal of our group is to support personal development and promote a variety of career opportunities in academia and beyond.

Our team works in collaboration with the Department for Human Development of the MPG Administrative Headquarters (HQ) and other stakeholders who are actively involved in the career development of MPG researchers.

What are our plans for 2022?

  1. We launched a virtual lunch-time postdoc meet-up to promote discussions on the topic of career development in a casual and relaxed setting. Within this format, we are inviting experts from academia and industry to help shed light on various issues postdocs face when applying for funding, transitioning into new career paths, starting a group, and more. You can find out about the upcoming meetings by following us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

  2. Together with Career Evolution organizers, we are contributing to the Career Evolution series with a focus on international job market and mobility.

Who are we?

Ana Alonso-Serrano (MPI for Gravitational Physics)
Chiara Baccolini (MPI for Molecular Plant Physiology)
Clara Rigoni (MPI for the Study of Crime, Security and Law)
Dušica Briševac (MPI for Evolutionary Biology) (WG leader)
Maria J. Olvera Caltzontzin (MP Florida Institute for Neuroscience)
Martin Blaser  (Alumnus; MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology)
Pabitra Nandy (MPI for Evolutionary Biology)
Yu-Xuan Lu (MPI for Biology of Ageing) (WG leader)

Do you want to join our team? E-mail us at

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