Working Groups

Each of our working groups focuses on a specific topic relevant to postdocs at the MPG. Working groups organize events, produce valuable resources, and tackle important issues. The success of the working groups depends on volunteers, and any postdoc can join a working group - reach out if you are interested in getting more involved!

The goal of our group is to support personal development and promote a variety of career opportunities in academia and beyond. [more]
The Communications Working Group maintains the PostdocNet website, MAX page, and social media feeds (including Twitter and LinkedIn). [more]
The Equity and Diversity working group has the goal to promote awareness of issues and relevant topics and steps towards institutional changes, on topics related to inclusion, diversity, and equity. [more]
One of the key events of the PostdocNet is the annual general meeting, bringing together all active postdocs of the Max Planck Society. The General Meeting Working Group works in close collaboration with the Steering Group and other Working Groups to prepare the program, focus topics, guests, and budget for the general meeting. [more]
The Max Planck Postdocnet Mental Health Working Group aims to help destigmatize mental health issues and strengthen the mental health community in PostdocNet through open, positive, and inclusive dialogue. We strive to improve PostdocNet members' ability to recognize signs of mental health problems in themselves and their peers, increase resilience, and initiate discussion about how to reduce stress in the workplace. [more]
The goal of the Onboarding Working Group is to provide a Welcome Package for new postdocs, and to initiate an onboarding program that makes arrival in the MPG and in Germany easier for all postdocs. [more]
The Secretary Group tackles two extremely important tasks: amending and updating the PostdocNet’s current statutes and facilitating the election procedure for all of the institutes with External Representatives. [more]
The Survey Working Group is dedicated to preparing and launching the PostdocNet Surveys, which aim to collect data on postdocs’ working conditions and wellbeing. [more]
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