What is PostdocNet?

The PostdocNet is a network representing postdoctoral researchers (postdocs) across the Max Planck Society. The network was founded in April 2019 by postdocs working in the society in order to improve the working conditions and career prospects of postdocs.

PostdocNet is organized and run by members of the community. Throughout the network, postdocs at each individual Max Planck institute elect a single representative (“external representative"), who acts as the point of contact between postdocs at their institute and the PostdocNet Steering Group. The Steering Group, elected each year at our general meeting by the external representatives, is in turn responsible for communicating directly with the Max Planck general administration, and for communicating information and progress back to the external representatives. The network also consists of several working groups, each focusing on a particular topic area of interest, including equality and diversity, communications, and survey development.

Does your institute have an external postdoc representative? If not, see here or contact us for more information on holding an election. If you’re not sure, see our list of external reps.

We hope that PostdocNet will continue to grow as a network, and in its ability to serve the needs of Max Planck postdocs!

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