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Results of 2022 PostdocNet Survey Now Available!

After months of hard work, the results of last year’s survey have been published and are ready to be shared. more

Information on family support now available as part of our Welcome Package

The first section of the Onboarding Working Group’s Welcome Package, covering family support available to MPG postdocs, has been published! more

Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is fast approaching! more

Postdoc Appreciation Week

Postdoc Appreciation Week

September 19, 2022

This week is Postdoc Appreciation Week in Germany! As we all know, postdocs are integral to the success of the MPG, and to research in general. For this reason, we're excited to announce that our colleagues throughout Germany have come together to organize over 60 events, both in-person and virtual throughout the week. more

Registration open for this year’s General Meeting

Mark your calendars! This year’s PostdocNet General Meeting will be held on Zoom from October 17-19. more

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